London in Monochrome – In Step.


Continuing the London in Monochrome series – more here


In Step

I was watching a lot of people walking when I was in London and I was surprised at how many people were walking in perfect step with each other .

Very harmonious 🙂




Love the soles of the woman’s shoes below !

_1642 copy


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22 thoughts on “London in Monochrome – In Step.

  1. Your composition in this series has been very strong and I thoroughly enjoy your ‘alternative’ perspective. Your observation is excellent.

  2. I suppose its harder to converse with someone when you are not in the same step/rhythm. Perhaps its functional! Perhaps its subconscious? Love this post and your photo!

    • Thanks moorezart… and good point about the conversing being easier in step… welcome to my blog. I hope you’ll have a mozzy around. Have a look at the rest of the London in Monochrome series so far. 🙂

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