The humble dock leaf transformed.


I thought I’d have a bit of a break from the London in Monochrome series – which you can see here but I will come back to it again because I intend to build a body of work in that series. 

In the meantime here’s a splash of light and colour. These are humble dock leaves, much beloved of small children who get stung by stinging nettles because rubbing the site of the sting with dock leaves takes the pain away.

Do you remember doing that ?  I certainly do 🙂

These young dock leaves were in a bluebell wood and backlit by a lovely evening sun.. I hope it transforms them to something a little out of the ordinary.


dock leaves


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14 thoughts on “The humble dock leaf transformed.

  1. I used them a lot when I was kid, playing ‘down the beck’ (fields full of nettles, trees and magic with a small river flowing-‘the beck’2). well that’s what we called ’em up’t north!

  2. I don’t think nettles are as profuse over here. I’d heard of them but not encountered them often, and certainly never self-medicated. How wonderful that children learned that natural remedy and applied it! And your photo is a healing art as well!

  3. Beautiful light, colours, and composition, Helen. You have shown these healing leaves in a wonderful light!

    Yes, I certainly do remember being soothed by dock leaves after the painful sting of a nettle!

  4. Yes, I agree with Meanderer, love the lighting you’ve got here. But never knew about Dock leaves – and got stung down on the Levels only this Thursday – ouch! Adrian

  5. And the wonder is they are often found next to the nettles…I remember this knowledge from my parents and have often used it for my children and myself. Here-in lies the truth of Gia and of our connection to the natural world…the balance of pain and healing…

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