The Long Trip 4 – Standing Stones and a piper !


Back to the Long Trip series.  These are the famous Callanish standing stones on the island of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides, off mainland Scotland. It was taken at dawn. It’s always gratifying to get great weather when you get up early! There were actually quite a lot of people there so there was a little jostling for position.  There was even a man playing the bagpipes, not that well I have to say, I think he was actually an American 🙂  I caught him just between the stones as he was walking past and , though I have several shots without him there, I rather like having him in the image as it gives it scale. 

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Standing stones (1 of 1)




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8 thoughts on “The Long Trip 4 – Standing Stones and a piper !

  1. Great photo, Helen. I missed the bagpiper before I noticed the tag. How long did you spend in the Hebrides ?

    Shamefully we missed the Callanish Stones when we whizzed round the Hebrides in late August, but I guess we’ll be back.

    • I was there for 2 weeks, wild camping in my campervans.. I was out and about for 6 weeks altogether from mid Sept to the end of October, staying for a week in accommodation in the Galloway area after 3 weeks, the rest of the time in my van.

  2. Awesome, I really want to go see some of these stone circles in Scotland, but have never got around to doing it. The closest I ever got to Scotland was cycling from Newcastle to Berwick.

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