Just one big cuddly Teddy Bear


You need to follow the link below to take a look at my post “Parachuting Teddy Bears – You think I’m joking, Huh ??” which will put this photo in perspective.

Click here

It’s about the annual Pidley International Teddy-Bear Freefall Competition!


I just love this hugging moment that I captured.




I will be posting more from this event over the next few days of some of the children and teddies as well as of the wonderful aerobatic flying.

I believe I asked permission for all of the children I am featuring but if you are the parent of a child and I did not ask you I hope you will not mind but if you do and want me to remove a photograph please let me know.


link again to my blog 1500 Saturdays I hope you’ll pop over and take a look here 


or you can take a look at my  Redbubble page here 


20 thoughts on “Just one big cuddly Teddy Bear

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  2. Oh dear…A Big-Bear!!!! Along with balloons, clowns and bananas, the things that most petrified me throughout my childhood….
    Even now a little shudder !!!
    All I can see is a child in the grip of a crazed, dead-eyed killer!
    Pure, unadulterated evil!

    Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m the one with the problem……if it had big floppy ears I’d be cooooing and aaaahhhing with everyone else…
    But a big fluffy bunny is one thing……..A Big-Bear is another!
    No more Helen…PLEASE!

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