The Long Trip 7 – Mountains and light – somewhere in Scotland !


I obviously took a LOT of photos on this trip and there were ( and will be here) a lot of mountains with varying degrees of light on them. 

My record keeping of where I was over 6 weeks wasn’t always as good as it might have been ! 

However, I am pretty sure this was taken on my way to, or in, the Galloway area.  What I am certain of is that it was taken at 4.25 pm so late afternoon sun and between the showers. 

I’ll try to do better ! 

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Mountains and light (1 of 1)


If you are viewing on a phone you may need to click on “View full site” which will be right at the very bottom of the page, you will then be able to view the photos with a black background, as they should be viewed.

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