Tiny, unidentified ( and very wet) insect.


Is this a leaf cutter beetle of some sort?  I haven’t been able to identify it so I hope someone else can..take a look at the last photo

Update– now Identified thanks to Rhonda – see her comment below. it’s a Green Shieldbug or Palomena prasina.. I should have guessed as I see lots of the adults that have the dark straw coloured wing tips showing but haven’t seen the immature one before, which this is – apparently the 5th instar stage just before it develops wings.

I found it on some poppy-seed heads outside my back door. I really should go out in the rain more 😉





The rain was fine but by the time I got to this last photo as you can see the beetle? was very wet and soon moved under the seed head to keep dry..



I took this last photo a few hours later when it was dry and the insect had reappeared..


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25 thoughts on “Tiny, unidentified ( and very wet) insect.

  1. Excellent macro work. You’re certainly enjoying your new (now, not so new) camera. I’m just popping our in the rain to examine my poppy seed heads. Who knows?

  2. These are absolutely ace macro photos…………. a have my nose in the air, as you know Helen, and hardly ever notice bugs and such like unless the land on me and bite. Great subject matter and great photography.

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