Wicken Fen – Squirreling Nuts !


I’m going to continue with the Wicken Fen series for a few days. This is the same peanut feeder I showed you in the Jay bird photographs that you can see here

I know grey squirrels are considered pests but I like them !



  Can I?  ….


…. I certainly can



… because I’m perfectly designed for stealing Nuts!  😀


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25 thoughts on “Wicken Fen – Squirreling Nuts !

  1. Lovely pictures Helen, were you quite close to him? I love squirrels too, they just look so cute and fluffy, although unfortunately they do quite a lot of damage to trees.

  2. Good call with the B&W….works well….
    My Auntie Barbara, very much a country type, (think Joyce Grenfell in homespun tweed), will only eat certain meats… free range chicken, pigeon, and….squirrel………..
    Her local butcher in Kinver, who calls them tree-rabbit, sells around three hundred a year, so she’s obviously not the only one….
    Personally, I’d rather eat something that mooed, but she says that they’re delicious, and, believe it or not, nutty…..

    • Thanks Stuart.. I’ve just had a squirrel look at me through the french doors to my garden.. never seen one in my own garden before though have seen one in my neighbours and we all have lots of trees.. I slowly picked up my camera from the kitchen table..up to eye and click…no card inserted!!!! grrrrrrr

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