Wicken Fen – Acrobatics

Yesterday Mazhar became my 200th WordPress follower ..his blog is called Mazhar Qureshi Thinking as a journalist welcome to him and the 4 who have become followers since, now making 204. I love that people take the time to look at my photographs and that many of you also leave comments.

These past 5 months or so have been a terrific photographic learning curve  and I have connected with some great blogs and lovely people who have encouraged my learning.

Thank you


Yesterday I gave you squirrels and I’m continuing with them today.

Here they are, having fun… There were 2 young ones who were dashing about all over the place in the most acrobatic way, up and down trees, round and round … veeeeery hard to photograph but I had a go!

When you get to the bottom photo take a look at what I spied in the edge of the woodland..





I was busy watching the antics of the 2 squirrels and took a moment to realise there was a deer in the wood and she was watching them too.



More of the deer tomorrow


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23 thoughts on “Wicken Fen – Acrobatics

    • I know Caroline.. The hour I was in that hide I saw the Jay, Squirrels and the deer! to say nothing of several pheasants, greenfinches, a woodpecker and several other birds ( didn’t photograph them all!)

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