Wicken Fen – Zen Grasses.


Simplicity and Light





Walking the path in the evening light…..



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24 thoughts on “Wicken Fen – Zen Grasses.

  1. Hi Helen – good pictures! The top one is good. The middle one seems rather soft (but maybe that is your intention) and needs more contrast I think.

    My favourite is undoubtably the last one – I love that great wedge of orange! If it were me – and it isn’t me! – I’d crop most if not all of the bright but featureless sky out; I think I’d crop it all out, so as to be left with that wonderful orange, and also the wonderfully green grass in the foreground – the top of my frame would be just above the highest bright orange reed. And if the cider had been going down well, I might rotate the whole thing 90 degrees anti-clockwise too, to be left with an abstract in green and orange ->>> and no, I haven’t been at the cider today >>> tho I do mean to later! Adrian

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