As promised yesterday here are some more kingfishers from an outing to Gosforth Nature Reserve

They are such beautiful birds aren’t they?

You can see yesterdays kingfisher here 

If you are viewing on a phone you may need to click on “View full site” which will be right at the very bottom of the page, you will then be able to view the photos with a black background as they should be viewed.


Kingfisher with fish (1 of 1)


Kingfisher 1 (1 of 1).


Kingfisher 1 (1 of 1)


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13 thoughts on “Kingfishers

    • Priscilla these were taken in 2018 and before I hade my 300mm lens so I am pretty sure I was using my 40-150mm lens with a 1.4 converter, ISO speed – 2500, F stop – F- 9 and exposure time of 1/5000 second.. Hope that helps. I am hopeless at the technical stuff !

  1. Great shots Helen, thought to myself , haven’t heard of that reserve around here. Then I found it in Newcastle! Happy new year to you lots of road trips and photography

  2. We only get the Belted Kingfisher where I live. They have a fabulous crest but are not nearly as pretty in color. Your photos are gorgeous! I believe no matter their color, they’re extremely sassy and territorial, so I get to see our local one often when he loudly announces himself flying up and down the river. LOL

    • We actually had a belted kingfisher ( or still have) in part of the UK at the moment.. The birders are going mad trying to spot it ! . It’s a much bigger bird than our common kingfisher which is anything but “common”

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