I’m Back ! starting with some reflections


I know I have been away from WordPress for months and months and today I had a WordPress alert to say I registered 13 years ago!  So that seemed like a good time to start posting again and indeed visiting my favourite blogs too.

I hope you haven’t all completely forgotten me !

I have been out and about a lot in my campervan and taking lots of photographs  ( too many?) and it’s time, now winter is coming, to start working on some of them.

Most recently I have been seeking out deer ruts and will post some stags but I wanted to start with some reflections that caught my eye as a young deer was having a mud bath . I didn’t know they did that, Did you?

You can see some of my other photos with a deer tag by clicking here though they might not all obviously be deer posts- click and see 🙂


Resting in the mud (1 of 1)



reflected (1 of 1)



gazing at my reflection (1 of 1)



If you don’t already know my other blog 1500 Saturdays I hope you’ll pop over and take a look, though I don’t post much these days here     

8 thoughts on “I’m Back ! starting with some reflections

  1. Beautiful shots 🙂👍
    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a photograph of a deer having a mud bath. Brilliant!
    I hope you’ve had fun out and about in your campervan. Good to see you back on WordPress and congratulations for keeping your blog going for 13 years.
    I will look forward to seeing what you’ve captured on your travels….🚌
    Best wishes
    Mr C

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