Broken Glass – Kristallnacht


I am currently doing my 2nd 366, it’s another leap year; posting ( not taking!) at least 1 photo every day. My last one was in 2012

There will certainly be variety

This is number 314

On the night of the 9th/10th November 1938, Jewish homes, hospitals and schools were ransacked as attackers demolished buildings with sledgehammers. Hundreds of synagogues and businesses were destroyed and tens of thousands of Jewish men were arrested and taken to concentration camps; many died with the true number unclear.

It was the outbreak of terrible mass violence against Jews which was to end in their mass murder. It became known as Kristallnacht – ‘The night of broken glass’.

Today is the 82nd Anniversary of Kristallnacht and I wanted to mark it. I remembered that I had taken a photograph of broken glass some years ago and decided to use that.

You can read more about Kristallnacht here


Broken glass (1 of 1)



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5 thoughts on “Broken Glass – Kristallnacht

  1. Good picture, Helen; before my time of course, but I’ve certainly read about Kristallnacht – and what a chilling name it is! I’ve also seen anti-semitism – of all places amongst the members of a tourist group that I was leading around Kenya.

  2. Well, the whole story is too long to tell here, but the group included an older man who at first I thought nothing of – until the African man that I worked with on the tour, who was a very good friend, started saying that this man was making racial comments to him, and also to other Africans that we met in the course of the tour. And then it materialised that the tour group also included a Jewish family, and that he had been making racial slurs about them too, sometimes within their hearing.

    This all came as a bombshell as I had never encountered anything like this before (or subsequently) – so, I sat the group down, told them off (although the rest of them were not involved), and said that if I heard of a single further incident, I would stop the tour dead and call the police. I apologised profoundly to the family – but the simple fact was that the greater danger to us all was that this person’s comments might be overheard by locals who would not tolerate them – such that we could all find ourselves confronted by a violent mob. Luckily, all the abuse stopped dead after I had made the threat, which of course I would have carried out.

    It was all an unthinkable, incredible incident, it has never left me.

    • Shocking Adrian. I have never personally witnessed Anti-Semitism thogh I have seen plenty on Twitter! I have witnessed plenty of racism against black people though, most notably when I worked in Northern Ireland . I remember several instances when I worked as a senior member of staff in a residential home for Older People. Residents abusing staff calling them black bi***** and saying they didn’t want to be cared for by them. I never let it past, when I was in charge,. I always advised them that their behaviour was not only wrong but indeed against the law. If I had time I also tried to find out what was behind their racism. I think we all have a duty to call it out when we see it.

      • I have a feeling that racism is a fundamental part of the human condition, a fundamental constituent of of ourselves, probably originating far back in prehistory – before towns, countries etc – as a survival mechanism, when one band of humans was pitted against another for resources etc. Its still with us now as are other fundamental emotions like love, fear, pride etc, and its simply a question of whether it is allowed – for whatever reason – to emerge.

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