Poppy 8 – Final Poppy


I am currently doing my 2nd 366, it’s another leap year; posting ( not taking!) at least 1 photo every day. My last one was in 2012

There will certainly be variety

This is number 175

This is not part of my #CloseToHome series but is part of Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #101 – One Single Flower featured by Cee’s PhotoChallenges which you can see here 

A week or so ago I ventured further afield to a different field. This time one full of poppies!  So I thought I’d take a break from hares but there will definitely be more of those, as I’ve taken a lot, and more of the #CloseToHome series too


You can see my other photos with a Poppies tag – here    I realise I haven’t posted Poppy photos since 2013 !   I hope my photography has improved since then 🙂


The final photo in this poppy series and I hope you’ve enjoyed them







Part of why I am doing this 366 is because I take a lot of photos, I love being out and about, but often they are not looked at for months or even years  and this exercise encourages me to look at them and choose favourites. When my last 366 ended I made 4 photo books of my favourites. I intend to do that again.


If you don’t already know my other blog 1500 Saturdays I hope you’ll pop over and take a look, though I don’t post much these days here     

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