Photos and poetry 14 – Pier


Eastbourne Pier

The pier
That has witnessed
Over the years
So many amazing sights

The sea front barricades
And the bombs
Falling relentlessly on the town
In 1941

The three pound two ounce plaice
That Ian caught
On that particularly low tide
In 1964

The grand wedding
Of Steph and Joe
The sea scattering sunshine
Like a diamond
In 2012

By Roger Stevens


Happy National Poetry Day


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10 thoughts on “Photos and poetry 14 – Pier

  1. I really love this Helen, brilliant view point – what an amazing pier! I like the way the foamy shoreline reflects the marbled sky. Ypur accompanying words add to the grandeur and majesty of a structure still standing proud.

  2. Wonderful composition, including the poetry. Now I want to go to this pier! For some reason I imagine it being cold there, walking out and feeling and smelling the sea air, then seeking warmth in that amazing structure at the end of the pier. Lovely!

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