Santas in Venice – Take 2

 Season’s Greetings to all my followers wherever you might be in the world.  I wish you all Love and Peace as we approach another New Year.

A version of this photo was the very first one I posted on this blog on December 29th, 2011. Gosh nearly 4 years ago!  The photo was taken on 26th Dec 2011. You can see it here 

 I thought I’d post the full colour version this time around.

Christmas in venice


If you don’t already know my other blog 1500 Saturdays I hope you’ll pop over and take a  look here   .I don’t post much these days but if you are new to my blog you may find something of interest there.


This can be seen on my Red Bubble page here




19 thoughts on “Santas in Venice – Take 2

  1. Happy Joyful Greetings Dear Helen!! I was just thinking about you yesterday! Glad to see you’re still in touch with your fans (like me!). I do so love this photo. It reminds me that I, yes, even I have been to Venice with my lovely Italian-American husband. Great memory, great image. Love to you, peace, happiness, chocolate…all good things, my friend!

  2. Hello Helen…Long time no see! I’ve been strolling the neighborhood catching up since my year long hiatus, and here you are with this wonderful and surreal photo.

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