London in Monochrome – City Slicker


Continuing the London in Monochrome series – more here



It was a very bright, hot day and this was taken in the courtyard of Somerset House – more to come from there.

I particularly liked the reflection of the winding path in his sunglasses.

If you click on the photo below to make it bigger, you’ll see what I mean.



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14 thoughts on “London in Monochrome – City Slicker

  1. Fantastic shot, the path, the pose. I like the composition; it’s as if he thinks he’s too cool for this world as he stares out of the frame.

  2. I think I prefer the lower version, Helen – striking portrait, and a better view of that winding path too – he’s smart, fashionable, modern and in control – except that Life’s twisting path, as seen in his glasses, may not be over impressed by those traits – may have other ideas. Adrian

  3. Striking portraits, Helen – and the point that occurs to me is how fortunate that the side-arms to his glasses are silver. Imagine them black – the image would not work. Funny how little things like that can make or break a picture. Good work!

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