London in Monochrome – 2 bags.



Hello one and all.

I’m back with a new series called London in Monochrome and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Sorry I’ve been so absent, especially with commenting on blogs. Life and work have got in the way and I rather lost my editing photos mojo! but it seems to be back now 🙂


This photo was taken at St Pancreas station and I have titled it “2 Bags” because I noticed the similarity between the man’s bag and the bag that the bronze sculpture of John Betjeman held.


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20 thoughts on “London in Monochrome – 2 bags.

  1. Hey, Helen! This is a fabulous shot, the two looking up at the same thing, the bags, terrific juxtaposition. How long did you have to stalk around to capture this? Patience rewarded or spontaneous serendipity, it’s a wonderful image. And I’m so glad to hear from you! 🙂

    • Spontaneous serendipity again Priscilla .. right place right time. Of course the trick is to keep putting yourself about a lot with your camera and then you are more likely to see something like this..

    • Thanks Rachael.. this was one of those shots where you don’t realise quite how good it is until you get it on a big screen.. I have seen on facebook that you have been very busy and successfully so 🙂

      • Hi Helen. Thanks for your support on Facebook. I have been busy indeed, but I am sorry I neglected the blog for so long.

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  3. I love this image. Betjeman is not an easy sculpture to capture – I’ve tried. The addition of a second person following Betjeman’s gaze is a clever idea.

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