Stamens of Gold


Stamens of Gold


I entered this in the International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition in the Monochrome section along with a couple of photos I have already posted here and here .  It’s now gone through to the 2nd round and they have asked for the original large high resolution file. This doesn’t mean it’s going to win anything just that they are considering it.  

It was taken at the Eden Project when I was there in March and it’s the centre of the flower Camellia Japonica ‘Cornish Excellence’  I was captivated by the creamy, upright stalks of the stamens culminating in the rich, intensely golden anthers. 

You never really know what the judges might like though  !!

Some of you might remember that I was commended for an entry into the same section in 2012 and you can see that photograph here


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22 thoughts on “Stamens of Gold

  1. gorgeous! Interesting that they are askig for a tiff file – not done here, yet… but then a tiff file is easily altered so… hmmm… I wonder what they want it for? Congrats on the recognition in any case!

    • Thanks .. Well not strictly true that they were asking for a TIFF Veronica.. they were asking for a high resolution file ( must change that in the text) .. When you enter you have to submit a small file and if you go further you have to be able to submit an original larger file because the winners are exhibited and also printed in a book. I don’t think this one will go any further..

  2. As you know I’m no big fan of Macro photos, so many are interesting purely because they provide a viewpoint that the human eye doesn’t normally see, with the HUGE benefit of the isolation of a ‘photographic frame’…Macro is so often a bit of a ‘one trick pony’…
    But… this shot does have something more, a real sense of atmosphere, plus it works purely on the basis of the image, the subject and context really don’t seem particularly relevant. I rather like it.
    Good luck C-Bomb.

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