Just one point in it.. Soooooo very close !


A few days ago I posted a “creative” photograph that I was entering into that category, in the end of year Annual Digital Photography Competition at the Camera Club I belong to . That post was here a couple of people asked me to let them know how I got on and lots wished me luck,so this post is for them, especially for Stuart and John 

As I mentioned there were 6 categories ( I didn’t do sport) and you had to enter 5 of the 6 each with work that you had not used in the club competitions before ( they are monthly) 

Each photo is scored out of 20 by an external judge with the photos being displayed individually on a big screen  so here are my entries with the scores.

Oh and the black that you see is because the projected image has to fit into a particular pixel size so I make a black background that size and then pop my photo into it so that it’s not distorted. The black cannot be seen on the club’s screen.


Creative – In the Bluebell wood, dreaming of flying – 16/20 – His critique of this was good and I can see how I could improve it by having the pillow “leaning” against the tree. Not a good score but still 2nd in category



Natural HistoryMiniature mushroom family – 15/2o – my lowest scoring photo- The competition was fierce in this category. We have some brilliant natural history photographers in the club.

He kept talking about the grass so don’t think he got that these fungi were approx 2 cms high  and it was moss not grass!



Landscape – Dusk in Puglia – 18/20 and 2nd



Travel – Christmas in Venice – 20/20 – Won this category :D.

A version of this, with red as selective colour, was the very first photo I posted on this blog !



Last but by no means least !

People – The Rain Room – 20/20 – I won this category too so you were right Stuart !



Overall I came second with 89/100 with the winner Richard Cole coming first with 90-100.  I am well pleased to get so close to him because he’s a most excellent photographer ! 3rd was Gary Dean with 87/100 , he too is always there or thereabouts. 

There is great learning in belonging to a club like this and there is always sooooo much to learn.


If you don’t already know my other blog 1500 Saturdays I hope you’ll pop over and take a look here      I haven’t been posting much there lately but I’m sure you’ll find something to read.             


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42 thoughts on “Just one point in it.. Soooooo very close !

  1. So now we know that ‘doozy’ translates as 20/20….. 🙂
    Good result…..But if I were you I would lie in wait for Mr Richard Cole in a dark car park with a tripod balanced in your grip…..It just needs to be pointed out that there are other clubs he could join next year….

  2. Well done, Helen – that’s an excellent result!! I must comment on the Rain Room. This is a very fine photo, well worth the 20/20. The composition, the use of light (and shadow); the control and balance of tone; the superb use of line of different shades and thicknesses; the perspective, both linear and aerial; the choice of monochrome etc. But above all I like the ‘feel’.

    • Gosh thank you Louis.. this was an installation at the Barbican and it was truly awesome.. if you look closely you will see that it is not quite monchrome.. I haven’t altered the colour at all.. still flashes in the hair and clothes 🙂

  3. Wow, Helen …. stunning images – I have a lot to learn. My favorite is the fungi – the rain room is marvelous. 2 wins and 1 second … what an achievement. Congratulations, you are so talent.

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to post these. Your comments on the judging are sooo useful to so many – you really are a creative inspiration!

  5. WOW Helen! Fantastic photographs and huge Congratulations! Well done indeed. I do love ‘Christmas in Venice’ and ‘The Rain Room’; breathtaking and stunningly beautiful! 😀 x

  6. My favorite is the one of the tiny fungi. However did you refrain from correcting that critic who thought he was looking at grass? I don’t think I’d have been able to hold my tongue!

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