Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside – A Resting Ant.

I was at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden a couple of days ago and was photographing this tendril when I realised there was an ant inside it.

 The top photo is rotated the 2nd photo is the angle I photographed it at. I would really value your opinion on which you feel is more effective.





_1599 original


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42 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside – A Resting Ant.

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  2. My brain is order-dominant, and so the first one relaxes me more and makes me feel that all is aright. The second is more creative and pushes the boundaries. Great shot, though, in both cases!

  3. For me, from first impressions, I thought the first one Helen. I thought that my eye is taken into the picture better. Having the ant the right way up might also help, but it shouldn’t be an issue. Of course, being indecisive by nature, I looked again. I do like the composition of the second one, in fact, I now think that I prefer it. I’m no help at all! 😕

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  9. So hard to choose! A super shot either way. Both have their own advantages. But I think Terri might be right about the OOF tendril. So, if I have to pick, it’s #1.

    • I have had such differing opinions on this which is very confusing ! The trouble with the top one for me is that rotating has made the light shine from underneath which just seems wrong… I wonder if a square crop would improve the 2nd one ?

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  11. Your second, portrait image holds my eye–and my smile–longer than the first. The and appears translucent and reminds me of green ants that I had a chance to observe in Australia. They store a great deal of chlorophyll and vitamin C in their abdomens and are valued as a healthy snack as a result. Must do a post on them soon, come to think of it!

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  13. that’s one cute little ant Helen…and your original shot for sure…more visual energy in the ‘portrait’ format and the angle of the ant creates interest and tension…

  14. Oh dear, I’m probably not going to be helpful, Helen. I prefer the lower picture for the shape of the tendril – it looks to be dynamically writhing, coiling back on itself and then shooting off away from us and out of sight. For me the ant is incidental here.

    But I see the upper shot as primarily a portrait of the ant, with the tendril as its substrate / environs. Adrian 🙂

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