Flights of Fancy….



I’m just back from Italy. I was there with my daughter and son ( more of that on 1500 Saturdays when I get a chance to write it ! )  and we’d stopped by the side of the road to stretch our legs. We heard what sounded like hundreds of birds chattering in the olive trees and that’s exactly what it turned out to be..  I took this photo quickly through the trees as a group of them flew away. My daughter thought it looked like an album cover for a band.. I guess because it has a dreamy quality about it..

Any suggestions what band it might be for??


Sorry I haven’t been posting or visiting blogs.. very remiss of me. I

intend to put that right !


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27 thoughts on “Flights of Fancy….

  1. Hi Cherry-Bomb
    What a smashing pic! I’m really enjoying the renewed popularity of square format, I’ve always liked it but hadn’t see it used very often since film lost its popularity….BUT…A shot like this is PERFECT for square format!
    Love it!
    It’s hip to be square.

  2. Helen, I’m quite taken with this photograph. It’s just exquisite. One of the things I like about it is that it also looks like it could be a reflection in water.
    I love the flapping wings, too!

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