Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning


Weekly Photo Challenge

Somehow I managed to miss my 2 year anniversary for this blog.

I must be REALLY distracted!

I began Photomania on 29th December 2011.  You can see my very first post here

So this post is a bit about me celebrating that beginning.  I have SOOOO enjoyed these 2 years ..

Here’s to the next 2.  😀

Ps Both Andy and I took photos of this scene with my camera ( several shots the same ) so I’m not sure if this is one I took or one Andy took, but I spotted it so I’m taking the credit 😉


I have written about another Beginning over on my other blog 1500 Saturdays.

I hope you’ll head over there , have a read and share in my happiness. 

The post is  called  A New Relationship ? Yes but it’s Early Days


If you’d like to,  take a look at my Redbubble page here 


25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

  1. As a ‘fun guy’ I don’t have ‘mush room’ in my life but do want to say sincere congrats on your two years of blogging Helen. Fabulous photography presented in a sensitive way, bringing pleasure to many…

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  3. Congratulations Helen on your two years….it becomes addictive, doesn’t it….you started your blog two weeks before me and I have just passed the same milestone…..are we nuts, or what?

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