Twin Delights.




A couple of weeks ago I was walking with a friend, on a very gloomy day, in woodland a few miles from my house. We came upon these delightful twin girls walking away from us up a beautiful avenue of beech trees and I couldn’t resist taking their photo as they walked hand in hand.

Thank you to their father who kindly gave me permission to use the photo and said he was delighted I’d captured the moment because he was wishing he had his camera with him when he saw them walking hand in hand.  I’ll be sending him a link and a high resolution image along with some other images I took of the girls and their even littler brother.

As I’ve been doing a photoshop course (about time too ! ) I thought I’d practice a bit of classic layer masking 😉

two little girls in B&W with their coats recoloured red.


Ps .. I have been very quiet on here haven’t I ?  Hope to be posting more and reading more of my favourite blogs….. so watch out !


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30 thoughts on “Twin Delights.

  1. Very nice pic Helen!!
    AND a Photoshop course…Wow!….I’ve been promising myself one of those for almost exactly two years, (I got my copy just before my first ever post which was New year 2012)…It’s going to have to be my New year resolution as I really can’t leave it any longer….At least once a week I end up screwing something up because I’ve never learned to use it properly and have to go back to the original RAW file coz I do something destructively rather than using layers in a non-destructive way…VERY frustrating!
    Anyway…Enjoy it….. it certainly works for this shot.

    • I am lucky in that a local Camera Club ( the Cambridge one) offered a 3 day course ( Nov, Dec and Jan) for £50 !!!! I know I can’t believe it either.. comes with a CD of before and after photos that correspond with each page in a VERY useful instruction book.. .. I think I am learning a lot !! .. I think 😉

      • That ‘s a really good price…A local college to me run a course over a semester, 2 hours on one evening each week for ten weeks, but it’s well over £300 and (typically) is on an evening that’s really difficult for me…
        So I’m still hoping to come up with another similar course but on a different night.
        One big plus is that if you are enrolled on a course it means you can buy a full version of Photoshop with a student licence which knocks the best part of £500 off the price…
        My copy is two versions out of date, so, if I can either re-organise my schedules or find a different course it could be well worth my while….
        We shall see…
        However, given that I’ve shot nothing but 35mm film for the past three weeks, it’s pretty obvious that my usual total lack of anything even remotely resembling structure in my life, is once again muddying the waters.
        AND if that’s not bad enough, I’m even more confusticated as I have just taken delivery of a Mamiya RB67 Pro SD…. So, at the minute it’s all Medium Format and film, film, film!!
        (and some neck strengthening exercises).

  2. Ahh, Red Coats. A gift to any photographer, and well used Helen. I do like both images.

    I need a Photoshop Course really, but I’m too tight to pay for one. I’ll just keep muddling along, and then forgetting how I did it! That’s really the reason why it would be a waste of money, for me, to go on a course. I would just forget what I had been taught anyway.

      • We do get the occasional ‘mini course’ from within our Camera Club membership, as well as guest speakers. It’s all good stuff, but as I said, the challenge is to my memory, especially when I only use the techniques occasionally. Online tutorials are often the best source, but the same applies. Since I’m only an occasional visitor to the blogosphere at the moment, have a very Happy Christmas Helen.

  3. Thanks Helen. I have enjoyed your photos ever since our trip to Cuba. I am just back from a Traveleyes trip to NY and Caribbean cruise. Great fun as usual! Darren, Karen and little bubbly Jane were there again. My first trip to New York was jaw dropping especially my first view of the Empire State Building which we went up to the 86th floor. Thank goodness for priority queueing ! Keep the photos coming!


  4. Classic layer masking is good, whatever it is – in no time at all you’ll be a technocrat! 🙂 Think I prefer the upper shot – I love the twins, and especially their colour wellingtons!!!, but that line of rough, grey and green tree trunks leading off into the distance is a very powerful thing. Adrian

    • Whatever it is…haha Adrian. I don’t think I will ever get to be a technocrat somehow! Those trees are indeed just gorgeous.. I have lots more photos of them and must get round to posting some.. Christmas is coming.. less work and more time !

  5. Their dad will surely treasure that photo for a long time to come. The first version speaks to me more eloquently than the second. Love the gentle greens of the mossy tree trunks!

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