Gallery Visitors become Part of the Work of Art


A few days ago I showed you some photos of a couple getting ready for a Halloween party. They were taken on a recent trip to London and you can see them here  

On that same day my friend and I visited Tate Modern and during the visit we spotted this couple resting in front of one of the paintings; sharing a moment together. We thought they almost became part of the work; like an installation..

It was quite dark and the photo, taken quickly,  wasn’t as sharp as I would have liked so I’ve added a painterly feel to it which makes it all look as one…You will see this better if you click on the photo and enlarge it a little..   The artist is Gerhard Richter.

Thanks to Hannah and Jake, the couple in the photo.. high res file on it’s way to you 🙂


Coulpe becoming part of the painting


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