Friday Faces 27 – Halloween Connection


Meant to post this a couple of weeks ago but I’ve been busy, busy.

A good friend of mine took  me to a comedy club in London nearly 2 weeks ago and we went into the bar afterwards for a drink.

These 2 lovely people were getting ready for a Halloween party and I so wanted to photograph them because of the lighting ( which kept changing behind them) and the connection between them.. They said they didn’t mind and I’m sending them some photos and a link to this.

Thanks to you both, we so enjoyed the moment and hope you had a great party !


the look







All finished and Bridal veil attached… 😉



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13 thoughts on “Friday Faces 27 – Halloween Connection

  1. Beautiful shots, Helen. Reminds me of my days doing stage make-up…a lovely intimacy, touching another person’s face. My little brother used to ask me to pretend to make him into a clown; he liked the relaxation of my finger on his cheeks, eyelids, lips. He was about 6 at the time.

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