A walk down the avenue with a fish’s eye !


I know I haven’t posted for ages.. or been visiting blogs.. sorry ’bout that.

I have been preparing prints for my camera clubs Exhibition which is on this coming weekend.

I took 10 mins out of my working day today to enjoy the riverbank in Cambridge and took this photo with my little canon Powershot on its fisheye setting.

I thought I’d post it for fun and to let you know I’m still around 🙂




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23 thoughts on “A walk down the avenue with a fish’s eye !

  1. Whew…That’s a relief..I was considering sending out a search party.

    I wouldn’t have had you pegged as a camera clubber…I went to one here in the midlands a couple of months ago, but the average age was 163 and when I said I shot digital I thought they were going to string me up…….I’m jealous if you’ve found a good one.

      • Yes, I was really keen to find some like minded types and learn some new stuff…Just the place I went to obviously wasn’t it…:-( Honestly, as welcomes go, it was verged on the intimidating…One guy, after he had got his breath back when I mentioned that I no longer ever used colour film and only very occasionally black and white, actually said ‘Well, you don’t really look like our sort’…beggars belief!
        There are some other clubs not too far from me, but all meet at times I can’t make, so I’m afraid, at least for the moment, I’m out of luck.
        Anyway, enough of my disappointments, I hope you enjoy exhibiting yourself and I do expect to see photos.

  2. Fun! I’ve never had a fish eye to play with. I had the same thought as Karen about fishing rods. Kind of a cozy perspective, all wrapped up like a hug. And hugs to you, dear Helen!

  3. And another thing…It’s obvious to any regular visitor here, that the only reason you, a virtual posting addict, would be quite so lackadaisical in your blogging, is that you are misbehaving!!
    For Chrissake woman, have a cold shower every now and again and take some bloody photos!

  4. That looks familiar! And that’s a rather clever ‘lens’. Which club do you belong to Helen – can’t remember whether it’s Cambridge or nearby (or was that the club that kept you on a waiting list before you could join up?)

    • I am in the Freshers group at Cambridge, Andy, that’s the one with the waiting list.. you can take part at the monthly meetings when you are on the waiting list. This exhibition is for the local Camera Club, St Ives which I belong to as well..

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