Hitching a ride on a swan’s back.


I had a wonderful time out with my camera today and was watching some swans in the late afternoon sun when I spotted this insect at the edge of a swan’s wing so I quickly took  a photo of it…

and then…..




…. the swan turned to swim into the sun, lifted it’s wing and the insect moved underneath it…

You can see the result below; beautiful light through the wing and the insect in silhouette.

I managed 2 shots before the wing went down and the insect flew away. 

One thing I have learnt about photography is that you have to be always ready and on the lookout for a shot.







I seem to have quite a few swan photos that need editing and think I am developing a real love for these beautiful creatures.

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39 thoughts on “Hitching a ride on a swan’s back.

    • I was very close.. sitting on a bench at the waters edge.. the swans wanted to be fed but I had no food with me.. I was photographing a grown cygnet’s beautiful feathers( for another post) when I noticed the insect on the mother’s/father’s back.. Just a few moments to get the photo.. you know how it is Karen.. so fleeting sometimes..

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