Rain has its uses ya know!


I know, I know water droplets are very old hat but I love the stripes of the dill and the muted colours so I hope you’ll forgive me 🙂 I’ve added some grain to accentuate the softness.


Dill with raindrop


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I don’t know about you but I have waaaayyyyy too many photos that need sorting through and editing !


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20 thoughts on “Rain has its uses ya know!

      • Only in photography though……hee hee.

        But…seriously for a minute, I add noise to a heck of a lot of shots, but I do it with ‘ add noise’ not ‘grain’ as It looks a little more random and natural, particularly with subjects which are intrinsically smooth…..I just thing ‘grain’ can look like it sits on top of a photograph.
        But hey, if a shot ‘works’, which yours does, discussing your use of textures, which and whether, is just nit-picking….It’s just that I’m an unashamed nit-picker…

  1. Just fantastic .. your dill is a good partner in crime *smile – I just love water drops .. so bring them on. Can see the reflection of the dill in the drop, Helen .. you are fears good .. on this. Taking photos. What camera do you work with ????

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