Move along there…


Following on from last weeks snail photo , Midnight Feast, which you can see here.

This one was taken at a completely different time and I’ve just found it  🙂

They’re really quite beautiful aren’t they, especially the shell.


snail, in monochrome, moving on a leaf


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19 thoughts on “Move along there…

  1. I don’t think my wife will agree with your opinion of snails Helen. She hates them with a vengence when they eat our flowers. I do appreciate the beauty of their shells though, and at least they don’t move too fast for me to shoot them. I don’t need to remember to select ‘continuous autofocus’ either. 🙂

  2. Moving along … in his own speed – or maybe this is Turbo. … the new movie that is coming up … about a snail that gets turbo speed.
    Helen, I wish you a great weekend.

  3. The quality of the monochrome reminds me of a microscope slide for some reason…but I like that scientific atmosphere for looking at this unique and misunderstood creature. Gastropods….how much do we really know about how they live? There’s an extraordinary video of David Attenborough explaining hermaphrodite leopard slugs mating with the most balletic footage of the slimy, spiraling aerial act. Fascinating!

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