Midnight feast…




I took this at midnight last night when I should have been gone to bed ! I made the mistake of turning on the outside light at the back door to see if it was still raining, it had just stopped but I spotted this snail on my favourite dill plant just beside the back door.

The snail was quite high up, at about 3 1/2 metres, so was hard to miss and it appeared to be feasting on the remainder of the almost-dead flowers which is what it’s doing here; just about to munch away

I couldn’t resist taking a few photos and doing a bit of editing this morning.  The snail was poorly lit but from both in front and behind hence the “glow”  I converted to sepia just because I liked the effect.

I really should learn to say no to photo opportunities sometimes!


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22 thoughts on “Midnight feast…

  1. How fun to explore what you can do with little light now in photography! Snails are good reminders of keeping life simple: gastropod = walking stomach. Take it slow. Energy in/out is built in balance into living things. Nice to consider in the middle of the night when you can’t seem to re-set.

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