Owl Butterfly as Still Life


Longleat doesn’t just have big animals it has a butterfly house too which I popped into for a few mintues ( it was VERY hot ! )


Owl Butterfly on very green leaf,


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20 thoughts on “Owl Butterfly as Still Life

  1. extraordinary.. I have never been able to come to grips with butterflies, Butter- fl – eyes! with eyes on their wings! amazing.. though i think this is a moth? but you get my drift.. c

  2. Excellent photo, Helen … we has so many butterflies this year here in Sweden … I even manag to get a quite good shot of one, but I missed aobut 200. *smile

  3. That is an amazingly beautiful picture. I love the juxtaposition of the complex butterfly wing with the “eye” and the smoothness and simplicity of the leaf behind it. And the rest of the plant in darkness adds that little extra touch of location and habitat that brings life to the picture.

  4. Owl butterflies are such willing models, big, with a super target for focus, and willing to stay still. They may not be the most jazzy of their kind but I think those markings, in subtle shades of brown mostly, are very pretty. nice shot! Wouldn’t it be lovely if all butterflies were so obliging?

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