So that’s what that tongue was for !


Yesterday I showed you a little Marmoset with his tongue sticking out. You can see that post here

That was a VERY minor sticking out of a tongue; nothing compared with just how far he could stick it out !


I know there’s food in here somewhere

Marmoset gnawing at tree trunk


I just have to find it

marmosets tongue sticking out just a little


Now I have it .  Mmmmm lovely. 😀

long curved tongue of the marmoset.

He is using that very long tongue to get an equivalent of sap/tree gum ( exudate) out of the tree, cunningly placed there by Longleat staff so the Marmosets have to work for their food as they would in the wild.

Oh and by the way this monkey was about   or 8 inches long.. so very small.


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15 thoughts on “So that’s what that tongue was for !

  1. Oh my goodness!! What awesome photos! I’m about to post some wildlife photos on my blog for the next few weeks. I invite you to stop by when I do.


    • At Longleat you are walking around in a sort of huge encolosure thing and these little monkeys are climbing and feeding on a tree in the middle of where you are walking and climbing from tree to tree just above your head on thick ropes.. They have keepers there with them and they keep counting all the time to make sure they are all there and no-one tires to get too close or touch them

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