Another close encounter. Who will win !!


A quick post again today.


Who do you think might win this battle?


Rhinocerous to right facing tractor to left under the tree.


I wondered what was going on here . At first I thought the tractor driver was trying to protect the  magnificent oak tree but then I realised that in every other enclosure there is a staff member in a jeep/land rover who could respond in an emergency; I guess to move/steer the animal away from people. A vehicle like that wouldn’t be much good faced with a rhino so it seems they use a tractor instead or maybe I’ve got it completely wrong.

 If anyone knows different do tell.


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12 thoughts on “Another close encounter. Who will win !!

  1. An interesting encounter! Looks like that tractor has a bomb proof front end in the event of a head-on joust, or is that to steer the animal gently in the right direction.

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