The Slow Death of a Beautiful Car.


It seems I very seldom take photographs of cars so I’m going to remedy that a bit.

My blogging pal Stuart otherwise known as Mr Shpics has been itching to see some old cars from Cuba.. Sorry Stuart not yet!

Instead here is an old car I spotted when out cycling a few months ago..Β  I was limited in how I could photograph it because it was behind the gate you can see in the first shot.

I found it heartbreaking to see what was obviously an absolutely beautiful car, just rotting away 😦  so I thought I’d photograph it for posterity.


Old car rusting away behind gate



side view of car






close up of front


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22 thoughts on “The Slow Death of a Beautiful Car.

  1. Hi Helen
    Long time no post, I know, just so busy with…! But I do intend to blog something soon. I just wanted to say what a nice pic of, what looks like a 1950’s Vauxhall. Not being a car expert though, I could be totally wrong. Hope you are well.
    Best wishes

  2. Old cars, cathedrals, manors and monuments…there’s a fascination with degradation that speaks to a fundamental conflict in our psyche. We imagine eternity and know that impermanence is the reality. We can’t get enough of images that keep that awareness in the forefront of our consciousness because we’re still working on it. That’s my theory. πŸ™‚ Love the look of the grill and the headlight wrapped in an old shawl like Miss Haversham!

  3. Hi Helen. Well worth photographing. Somebody loved it once and probably intended to restore it, hence the covers. That may still be feasible, though I think it’s been left for longer than desirable. Unless I am mistaken, I think it is a Vauxhall 10-4, first seen in 1937, and discontinued in 1947. Wikipedia can furnish a little more info. Mark Goodwin had it about right, and without Wikipedia I would probably have guessed the same. The ‘fluted’ bonnet gives the make away.

    • Nice one thanks Dave.. for some reason this comment went into my spam folder from where I have just freed it ! I checked it out on google images and I think you are absolutely right!

  4. Oh my oh my oh my…….
    So many of my obsessions in these…Rust, peeling paint, old chrome….Heaven!
    The last one is far and away my favourite…..Perfectly composed, and though there is so much less information, it gives you the whole story…..
    I think this may be my all time number one in the Helen Cherry Top Ten.
    (and I also think its a Vauxhall…)

    You need to stop flirting with farmers and photograph more cars!

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