Exploring the Barley Field


A short series exploring a Barley field.

I often pass this field when I am out cycling and love the colours, especially in the evening light, with its change from vibrant green to a dusty but creamy pale golden brown.

I love that each stalk changes from upright to bent over as the weight of the seed increases. 

There is beauty in everything if we just notice it.

I hope you will feel the warmth and movement, see the shapes and enjoy the insect treasures too.

More tomorrow


green barley


green barley field






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29 thoughts on “Exploring the Barley Field

  1. This is a fine selection Helen. You have captured the essence of a barley field in its various ‘moods’ as well as showing the ‘character’ of a barley seedhead. I particularly like the first – the rhythms, the lines, the counterpoint, the countless shades of green, the contrasting textures etc etc. It would make an excellent stand alone picture – but so would two, three and four!!

  2. A lovely series Helen. It beautifully shows the variation of images that barley can produce. We walked past a great deal of barley today, but I don’t think I will be posting any of my shots.

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  4. Nice pictures, Helen, and you’re right in there with “There is beauty in everything if we just notice it.”. I find the third image down very striking – it looks like a horde or herd of somethings, making off into the distance with great urgency. Adrian

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