An Evening in the Company of Wind Turbines.


I love the way the light and colour changes so quickly in the evening and that we seem to have much more sky over here in the flat fens.  😉

This first shot shows the watering of the potato crop. The water is pumped from the Fen drains.










 I have written about the taking of these photos on my other blog 1500 Saturdays in a post called Womanly Wiles and Wind Turbines and you can read about it here


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26 thoughts on “An Evening in the Company of Wind Turbines.

  1. Stunning … amazing as always, and I love wind farms – we have plenty in our county – out in the ocean between Malmö and Copenhagen … is there a massive one – and it’s a stunning view from the train and the bridge.

  2. Good pics, Helen! I particularly like the 3rd down – that huge sun next to the turbines does it for me. By the by, do you think turbines disfigure landscape? I think them very beautiful structures. Adrian

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