Exploring Poppies -4


Something more traditional.

This is the same field of poppies but different sections of it; taken with different camera settings at different times of the day.

As is usual for me I prefer the darker one. I wonder what that says about me ?

Don’t answer that !!







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17 thoughts on “Exploring Poppies -4

  1. I find myself pushing contrast and wondering why….I think I want the photo to be as intense as the experience, but somehow, it doesn’t translate exactly. When I resist and allow the softer color to remain, it sometimes teaches me that the experience as it is, is enough. In other words, I like them both! 🙂

  2. I like both. You mention ‘different settings’ and ‘different times’: I think they also suggest slightly ‘different feelings’ – eg., there is a sharpness in the second picture (in focus, contrast and colour saturation), that is softened or understated in the first. They are each saying something different, they are not in competition.

  3. I agree with you Helen, I like the darker one better as well. Both are very nice, but in the last one the poppies really stand out against the darker background. It’s maybe more traditional pictures, but I like them, bring a feeling of summer to my senses. And it’s very nice use of contrasting colours.

  4. Oh I much prefer the darker one too – very striking. The other may be closer to reality but, increasingly with colour, I’m wondering if reality is really so valuable, really such a grail to pursue? Adrian

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