Into the Bluebell Wood – 8 – Sunburst


The final photo in my Bluebell Wood series. 

I’ve enjoyed this series enormously and have been gratified that many of you seem to have enjoyed it too.

Thanks so much for all your encouraging comments.


sunburst through the trees


Addendum – My blogging friend Scilla, see her comment below, asked if I used a star filter on this and the answer is no. All natural, no filter.


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35 thoughts on “Into the Bluebell Wood – 8 – Sunburst

  1. Did you use a star filter on this at all? I remember in my Joy of Photography book that this attachment would produce the star…my friend used in on my engagement photo shoot to get a dazzling sparkle off my diamond ring. Stunning photo, whatever the technique!

  2. I’m sad that it’s the last Helen. Super lighting. The starburst appears to link really well with the pools of light amongst the the leaves and on the forest floor. Now I need to catch up on the rest of you bluebells, if we are to see no more this year.

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