Strawberry – A Family Affair :)





The other Strawberry Fair photos will appear here


and the 1500 saturdays blog  post about the fair, with lots more photos, is here


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5 thoughts on “Strawberry – A Family Affair :)

  1. I love everyday people! Do you ask each of these folks for permission before/after you take their photos? Explain where the results will be visible? I am unsure of what the etiquette is for hobby photographers. I caught some school kids at the beach the other day, and I just made sure they were well in the background and probably indistinguishable before I pointed my camera. People can be very particular about strangers with cameras.

    • Some knew and some didn’t Scilla.. there is no privacy law against photographing children in a public place or using the photos afterwards.. think about news photos etc. Though I’m sure if someone was following children around, showing an unhealthy interest or being a nuisance then obviously that would be different.

  2. Smashing shots Helen…
    I’ve seen and enjoyed all your posts over the last couple of weeks and would have been commenting if it weren’t for my lack of reliable internet access……
    Still hoping for some Cuban style automobile porn,,,
    Don’t let me down..

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