Self Portrait 9 – No Oil Painting.


A little break from Cuba photos because it’s ages since I put up a self-portrait.

Taken with my new little Canon Power Shot which I bought to keep in my handbag (shock horror and me a confirmed Nikon girl! ) .. watercolour and softer focus care of Photoshop.


me painted


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34 thoughts on “Self Portrait 9 – No Oil Painting.

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  2. How fun! I’m a Nikon guy, and have a Canon Power Shot (SX210 IS) to carry around in my pocket … I bought it for convenience, and, because it’s one of the few that actually shoots in RAW format… it’s always nice to have a small camera.

    I like your portrait, and the arty focus… very nice!

    • I don’t these days either.. this was quite an interesting project because I REALLY struggled to get one I like.. I had to examine myself quite closely.. soft focus is definitely best πŸ˜‰

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