Toys don’t have to be expensive do they?


This is a complementary post to this week’s 1500 Saturdays which is entitled “Are we Killing the Spontaneous Joy in our Children” which you can read here


I saw these lovely children playing on one of the beautiful traffic free boulevards in Havana when Jane and I were on our way to look at the storm along the Malacon which I have featured in past posts.

If you click on the Cuba photos link below you can see the storm photos along with others.

The boys were playing on a makeshift sort of skateboard thingy!!



view from behind of boy pushing another boy on home made skate board


Below you can see a view of the beautiful wide boulevard that leads to the sea wall; the Malecon.  There is enough room either side of the boulevard for 3 lanes of traffic


Of course there were the occasional accidents!

Boy sitting on the ground with dog beside him.


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