The Madness of Challenging the Waves


The final shots of the storm along the Malecón in Havana.

There were a lot of crazy people seemingly challenging the waves to knock them over.

The waves often won !!

There was thick sea spray everywhere and it was starting to get dark, hence the lack of crisp focus in these photos ( the camera lens was also impossible to keep clean!! ) but I hope they show the drama.






The 2 above were a young couple and were really enjoying getting wet.

Of course both the air and the water were pretty warm which I think makes a difference but still doesn’t make me want to try this !!


The people below were in an area where the waves were particularly big and I tell you it was scary even watching them..

The young man, who was knocked down several times by the waves, did get up again afterwards!











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16 thoughts on “The Madness of Challenging the Waves

  1. Beautiful images! Great timing, and some superb expressions! Only in hot climates can you welcome a storm whipping up a huge wave! That would NEVER be welcomed in Britain! 😀

  2. I was watching waves crashing over the breakwaters at work just this afternoon…the temp was only about 48 degrees Fahrenheit, though! My mother, who lives in California, always issues this warning when we’re at the ocean: Never turn your back on a wave! She had a friend who was swept out to sea while walking on the beach in Northern California.

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