Friday Faces 21 – Cuban cigar chewing woman. ( it had to be done !)


This is especially for my son who wrote in an email – “If there’s not a picture of an old woman puffing a cigar I’ll be disappointed!” This will have to do ! 

I know it’s TERRIBLY touristy and yes I did have to pay her to get the photo.. the princely sum of 1 CUC or about 65p. Well worth it I say!




Black Cuban woman in white against a yellow wall and wearing red flowers on her head and chewing a cigar


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36 thoughts on “Friday Faces 21 – Cuban cigar chewing woman. ( it had to be done !)

  1. Ahh, those Cuban women who only dress in national costume to get the tourists to take photos (then cling onto men’s arms until they have no choice but to hand over a CUC!)

    One question, has EVERYbody been to Cuba in the last few weeks?! 🙂

  2. The best cigars are rolled on a woman’s thigh……(or so Im told)….
    Im rather glad this lady is just working ‘front of house’ as I don’t think I’d ever fantasise about lighting up a stogie again.
    (Just fantasies these days……my last cigar was in the bar of Raffles in Singapore…..I thought that was the perfect ‘Final Cigar’…)
    Nice shot…..
    Couldn’t you just run off without paying?…She’d never have caught you, her lungs must have been totally kyboshed.

  3. Hello Helen, the picture is awesome! I am from germany and I was in cuba too, it was in 2009 and I saw this women in Havana 🙂 but I didn´t took a photo from them, there were so much peaple and made photos. I want to ask you, can I use it for making a cocktail card for a friend, who´s having a cocktail bar in Havana-Style. I´m looking for hours for a “Cigar Lady” like this and she´s the first I like 🙂
    I´m looking forward to hearing from you soon. Lg Nicole

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