The Irrepressible Kazza in the Cuban Rain

Rain was very much absent when I was in Cuba but one day it chucked it down for about 15 mins or so when many of the Traveleyes group were cooling down in the hotel pool in Havana. I grabbed my camera for a few shots and got this one of Kazza, who is blind, in a moment of pure joy as she enjoyed the sensation of the pouring rain on her skin.

Kazza is great fun, enjoying everything that comes her way.  You can’t help but love her 😀 . Oh and by the way she was happy for me to use this photo..

Kazza in the pool hands up beside her head enjoying the pouring rain.


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8 thoughts on “The Irrepressible Kazza in the Cuban Rain

  1. Great photo Helen. Rain can be fun. We had rain and a violent storm while we were at Varadero, at the end of the tour. It threw it down while when we were on the top of an ‘open top’ bus. We all crammed in downstairs where the driver and some others started a singsong. Can’t get away from music in Cuba!

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