I love the things you find on a beach!


Over on my 1500 Saturdays blog I’ve written, well actually mostly shown photos, of my day out at the beach at Hunstanton in Norfolk. You can read the post “Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside” here

Here’s another photo and there will be more to come tomorrow. I have no idea whether this is some kind of seaweed plant or something washed out to sea from on land but I’m hoping one of my lovely followers will tell me.

I just liked the way it was lying in the rippled sand; reminding me of a giant sperm !!

I know, incorrigible.  😉





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13 thoughts on “I love the things you find on a beach!

  1. Always great shot …. with you – I thought it was a big rat .. first .. now I see what you mean … you must have seen the movie I’m posting about tomorrow … the the miracle of life. *smilr

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