Pure Self Indulgence !


I am being shamelessly self-indulgent so forgive me that 😉 Many of you who have been following for a while will have seen all these before but some of my newer followers won’t have.

I joined a local Photography Club in the new year and had previously entered just one photo in a monthly competition which scored 18/20 not bad I thought for first attempt.

So I thought I’d have a bash at the end of season Annual Competition.  . You had to enter 5 out of 6 categories.. I entered landscape (lake), Natural history (bee) Applied ( memorial wall) People  ( festival Bubbles) and Pictorial ( Wimbledon Umpire.. )  I don’t have any Sport photos which was the other category.

There was 1 point between the top 4.. 2 equal 1sts on 93 points with the winner decided on countback and 2 equal 3rds on 92 points with places decided on countback..

I came 4th :D.. chuffed to bits because I’ve never entered such a thing before.

The Wimbledon Umpire photo won the pictorial class ( I was so pleased about this because it’s one of my personal favourites) with a 20/20 and the judge said it was a close run thing between my Festival Bubbles photo and another in the People category. She made mine 2nd with 19 because she felt the people  were almost secondary to the bubbles and I think that is very fair comment..Both the memorial wall and the landscape got 18 and my lowest scoring was the bee.

I am well encouraged and very much enjoyed having my photos critiqued, as I learnt a great deal.


The blog is nothing without you and I love when you comment so if you’ve got anything to say,  please do 😀


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33 thoughts on “Pure Self Indulgence !

  1. So wonderful for you Helen!!! Many congrats!
    The lake looks heavenly! This would be my favourite (yeah I know, different categories…)
    Still following your blogs though I have not made any comments for a long time ; always a pleasant few moments looking at the pics; still admiring your craft

  2. Well done Helen! These are all strong images and would compete well in most ‘arenas’. A constructive appraisal/critique from someone whose judgement you respect is always valuable. We’re mostly inclined to be too cautious with our comments or just plain silent.

  3. I think you nailed the wall picture. And the Loch view? Most of my pictures are not necessarily landscape but every time i have had a go at it, i have never been disappointed with the results. The composition is spot on for me. You never find many good landscape than this…I love it…I love it…Of the collection, i think i would have given you a 20/20. Thats me though…Mine take won’t count in the reversing of results..Hehehehe

  4. Tremendous. Helen and well earned congratulations. Enter competitions can be daunting and challenging. My own photography has improved a great deal since I joined a camera club and I’m sure that you will get help and support from other members.

  5. Self-indulgent? I thought that was me …..

    Yes, I remember the umpire, and that is still a stunner – very, very professional job you did there! And I like the bee too. Good stuff! Adrian

    • I remembered that you liked the bee and the stem in the top left which I always did too but the judge didn’t.. it was my lowest scorer at 17 The umpire is one of my all time favourite photos

  6. Good for you, Helen! Did I ever mention that I am a Surrey .Photographic Association judge? I qualified in the Autumn and had my first ‘judging’ evening earlier this month. Very scary but they we a nice welcoming club and I ended up enjoying the evening immensely.

    • Oh no Rachael I didn’t know that.. I would find that very daunting. Well done you ! I wonder how you would have scored if you had been judging these 😉 haha.. of course I know you can’t tell as you also compare with others don’t you?

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