Dinner in the Rain…


Red Kite feeding in the pouring rain.

It was flying VERY fast and I wanted to capture the movement.


Dinner in the Rain. Helen Cherry


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24 thoughts on “Dinner in the Rain…

  1. Sorry >>> hadn’t meant to give away trade secrets!!! Take these 2 comments off you’re blog if you like – that’s fine with me! Remember I was a long time birder … over 30 years .. and vast amounts of it is still there!

    • I didn’t know you were a long time birder Adrian.. and of course I don’t mind 😀 It was a rough day, sleet, very heavy rain and freezing cold.. but worth it.. there will be more in due course 🙂

      • Yes, birding roughly 1967-2002 >>> google “A Bird Atlas of Kenya” and that’s me; and partly the reason I led safaris. The atlas was the pinnacle of that career – I did some specific birding some time after my return to the UK, but felt I’d done all I wanted to by 2002 >>> was at a bit of a loose end, and then friends suggested that I do more photography.

      • Just realised I hadn’t replied to this. I googled A Bird Atlas of Kenya and was hugely impressed. a really major piece of work !! well done.

      • Thank you, Helen! And it still means a lot now – I look at it on my bookshelf and think “I did that!” – it took 9 years or so. Adrian

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