Minimalism 6 – Peeled Bark


backlit bark peeling off a birch tree


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19 thoughts on “Minimalism 6 – Peeled Bark

  1. Great subject, great shot! The simplest things in nature are absolutely astounding, especially close up. Taking the time to get close and observe is too often a missed opportunity. (Feeling that a lot more now that I’m working 4 jobs!)

  2. Oh wow – fantastically beautiful image, Helen – that has to be up there with your best! Its in essentially 4 parts, isn’t it. There’s the black background, which is separated from the 2nd element, the shadowed white bark of the tree, by the thin by searingly white lit edge, the third element.

    And lastly there are all of these explosive curlings in wonderfully lit shades of orange – much of the picture’s success lies in the colour and luminosity differences between those curlings and the other 3 elements. Good stuff! Adrian

    • Thanks for these comments Adrian as I am very pleased with this image.. obviously it’s back lit by the sun and I took it using tripod and 55-300mm lens and decided on low key to black out the background..

  3. This is a truly fine photo. There are so many delightful contrasts: dark against light; straight lines v curves; varying textures. I particularly like the ‘exploitation’ of backlighting to create the transparent amber glow and to define the shapes. And you have balanced these elements beautifully in the composition. It really is a smasher!!

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