Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

I was looking at my dear blogging friend Scilla’s weekly photo challenge post which you can see here and I thought I’d look through some of my photos from my 366 and do a colour/color montage ( if I can remember how to do it !! ) So I looked to see which had the “colour” tag and ooops there was rather a lot of them so this wasn’t an easy task , ended up being pretty random..



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30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

  1. WoOoOOOOOOow! What a gallery … stunning. The poppy field is my favorite … your are brilliant with your camera. The grass on top too.
    You took the breath out me … here. Absolutely stunning gallery.

  2. Lovely combo of colour and image – super to collaborate. Still way behind in my blog reading and comments but may catch up one day – if I live that long…

  3. Again, excellent stuff, Helen, many beautiful pictures! Favourites? Well, the ?grass top right – Minimalist!!! – , and the swan – how can I forget the swan – and those gorgeous poppies bottom right – you’re a lenslady!!! Adrian

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