Nostalgia for the age of a more simple childhood.


Giving Mallorca a break to bring you a bit of Nostalgia and direct you to my 1500 Saturdays blog where this week I wrote about a lovely and unique museum in Shropshire called the Land of Lost Content.  You can read about it here

This is the puppet Muffin the Mule.. remember him?? Go on tell me and show your age 😀


Muffin the Mule puppet


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19 thoughts on “Nostalgia for the age of a more simple childhood.

  1. YesI remember Muffin the Mule!. If my memory serves me right, the lady who did the act was John Mills’ (Actor) sister. Not sure, was is Anette Mills?
    Gotta keep that old grey matter working eh?.

  2. Hi HelenMy friend Penny was an only child and I was quite jealous of her toys – she had a Muffin the mule puppet and also a Muffin the Mule rug! I can visualise her bedroom in Wolverhampton now with that rug on the floor, 56 years or so later. I went to a reminiscence workshop a few weeks ago – using objects from the past to stimulate conversations , especially with elderly people with dementia, and I had planned to do this with my neighbour Lucy – but her dementia has galloped apace and she has now gone into hospital and is unlikely to come back home. Anyway, have been collecting some things together that could perhaps be used with someone else. Sounds like you had a good time in Shropshire – perhaps one of these days if it ever gets warmer, we can go for a walk to the lake in Somersham. I have been enjoying your photos and Helen (CHIP)

    Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2013 11:18:20 +0000 To:

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